Clients include:

Collaborated with Dr. Robin Cotton, Boston University Medical School, Associate Professor and Director of the Biomedical Forensic Sciences Program on an National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Department of Justice (DOJ) grant to develop an application and web portal to train forensic scientists on analysis of complex DNA mixtures. Dr. Cotton was former Laboratory Director of Cellmark Diagnostics, a private DNA genetic testing center in Germantown, MD which processed the DNA for the OJ Simpson trial, among many other major homicide investigations. Dr. Cotton has testified as an expert in over 200 criminal cases in almost all 50 states.

For Patrick Purcell, former CIO, Biogen Idec, performed a comprehensive security and disaster recovery vulnerability analysis of global operations and IT, and developed and implemented a comprehensive business recovery plan.

Financial Services
Major Financial Services and Mutual Fund Company headquartered in Boston and Rhode Island
Putnam Investments, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan                      Boston, MA

Genzyme                                                      Cambridge, MA
Biogen Idec                                                  Cambridge, MA

Higher Education
Boston University                                        Boston, MA
Boston University Medical School Biomedical Forensic Sciences           Boston, MA
Harvard University                                       Cambridge, MA
Harvard Law School                                     Cambridge, MA

Major Defense Contractor affiliated with MIT                                     Cambridge, MA

Global Law Firm
Venable LLP                                                  Washington, DC

Management Consulting
Palladium Group, Inc.                                     Lincoln, MA

Digital Communications                                  New York, NY
Internet & Telephone Onepath                       Methuen, MA

Harvard Crimson Daily News                       Cambridge, MA

Emerge Abuser Intervention Program           Cambridge, MA
Tor Project, Inc.                                             Walpole, MA and Cambridge, MA
Transition House DV Shelter and Services   Cambridge, MA
CommunityWorks                                          Boston, MA
Microsoft New England GiveCamp              Cambridge, MA
Key Program - Children's Charter                 Waltham, MA
Employers Against Domestic Violence         Boston, MA

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